MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program Educating Next-Generation Rwandan Scientists

Dative Tuyisenge has been passionate about sciences, especially mathematics, since her childhood in primary school. But, like many young Rwandans, Tuyisenge, grew up struggling to pay for school fees for her education, which was threatening her dream to become one of acclaimed female scientists both on Rwanda and elsewhere.

However, her hope was revived, and her acadenic dream kept alive and become true after the young lady benefited from MasterCard Foundation programme.

“I heard of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program when I was still in secondary school. By the time I was joining the master’s degree, I finally gained a scholarship to African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS).”

She says that MasterCard Foundation accompanied her schooling during the whole period of her master’s courses.

“What is different with the Mastercard Foundation scholarship is the open mind required of its students,” she said.

“Mastercard Foundation scholars are interested in helping our communities, especially younger generations coming up behind us. For me, I want to nurture young people’s interest in science, which is the foundation of development for any nation,” Tuyisenge noted.

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