First Co-operative Master’s Graduation

On 28 February 2017, AIMS Senegal celebrated the graduation of the first cohort of scholars in the AIMS Co-operative Master’s program. After completing an 18-month work-integrated program by combining course work with practical industry experience the 11 Co-op Scholars from Senegal, Cameroon and Rwanda were awarded their Master’s degrees in the Mathematical Sciences, with specialisations in Big Data and Computer Security.

The Co-op Program enables students to apply their scientific knowledge to real world problems while gaining work experience in an industrial environment. It permits students to develop the necessary professional skills in order to facilitate transition from academic studies to progressive careers in industry.

Prof Aissa Wade said, “We are proud to celebrate the graduation of the 1st Cohort of our Co-op Master’s Scholars at AIMS Senegal. We are equally thrilled to be the 1st out of the 6 centress which currently comprise the AIMS NEI global network, to host the Cooperative Master’s program – an AIMS NEI project, implemented in partnership with Mastercard Foundation.

It is no coincidence that the Senegal centre was chosen to host the pilot phase of the Co-op Program, which we hope to eventually implement in the rest of the centres. The work permit exemptions (for citizens of ECOWAS member states), the conducive and flexible visa conditions and especially the exponentially growing STEM industry were all incentives to this project.”

In a bid to leverage on the aforementioned conditions, AIMS Senegal will also hosting the AIMS-NEI Skills for Employability Program – a model for cooperative learning which is built upon and sets out to strengthen and broaden the Co-op Master’s model, specifically across the Francophonie zone.