Fields and Perimeter Support the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Next Einstein Initiative

The Fields and Perimeter Institutes are pleased to announce the renewal of the Fields-Perimeter Africa Postdoctoral Fellowship program for an additional five years.

Launched in 2013, these prestigious fellowships provide the opportunity for recent PhD graduates who are African nationals working in areas of mathematical sciences or fundamental theoretical physics to spend one year at either of the two Canadian Institutes. The goal is to support the careers of young researchers who are committed to advance science in Africa.

The program is administered in partnership with the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Next Einstein Initiative, a pan-African network of centres for post-graduate training, research, and public engagement in the mathematical sciences.

“It is a pleasure and a privilege to send some words of support for the renewal of the Fields-Perimeter partnership to support young African mathematicians and mathematical physicists. So far, our partnership has succeeded beyond any initial hopes. The Fields-Perimeter Fellowship has attracted excellent candidates, distinguished not only by the quality of their science but also by their commitment to create opportunities for others. We were delighted to learn about Praise Adeyemo’s success and his activities, for example in organising the CIMPA School in Algebraic Geometry in Nigeria. We wish him every success in rejoining his university back home, and hope he continues to do cutting edge research and retains his connection with Fields and Perimeter. We are absolutely thrilled that Prince Osei will be moving to Rwanda next month as the project developer for Quantum Leap Africa. In time, we are confident that QLA will become Africa’s own version of the Fields or Perimeter Institute: probably both! Thank you to everyone who has made this partnership possible. There is an abundance of youthful talent in Africa. Everything we can do today to hasten its development will bear great fruits for Africa and for science, in the future” – Prof. Neil Turok, Founder of AIMS and Director of Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

Click here for more details and application instructions.

In the picture from left to right: Ian Hambleton (Fields Institute Director), Prince Osei (AIMS Quantum Leap Africa Project Leader & Perimeter Institute), David Kribs (AIMS International Academic Advisor), Huaxiong Huang (Fields Institute Deputy Director)