Evidence for Resilient Agriculture

Evidence for Resilient Agriculture (ERA)

1.Host Institution:  Center for International Forestry Research-World Agroforestry (CIFOR-ICRAF), Nairobi, Kenya

2. Supervisors:
(1) Todd Rosenstock | Email: t.rosenstock@cgiar.org
(2) ERA collaborators

3. Project Description:

The intern will join the team working on the Evidence for Resilient Agriculture (ERA) data project. ERA is a one-of-a-kind dataset and analytical engine. The dataset has been derived from more than 2,000 scientific papers reporting how the use of new agricultural technologies affect productivity, resilience and greenhouse gas emissions. This core dataset including more than 100,000 observations is linked to more than 50 publicly available environmental datasets. The interns will work with these data and design ways to improve the dataset (e.g., by developing ways to impute growing seasons), connecting to additional datasets (e.g., household surveys available in Demographic Health Surveys), conducting new analyses (e.g., use of machine learning predict outcomes), or answering stakeholder questions (e.g., can financial services designed based on the data). The options are many and each opportunity will be designed based on the intern’s interest and needs for ERA development. Depending on timing of the internship, the inter may participate in the ERA Hack-a-thon which will give the intern an opportunity to participate in various teams conducting analyses and widen his/her scientific network.

4. Expected Outcomes:

The interns will be expected to be part of the ERA team and both collaborate and address an individual research question. These interns’ work will help strengthen and position ERA to answer key stakeholder questions that will help shape climate investments, policies, and programs

Applications for this internship should be submitted via the online application system, stating clearly the title of the internship.

Deadline for applications: February 28th, 2021 at 11:59 PM Central Africa Time (CAT)

Any inquiries about these internships should be sent to: