The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS, is a pan-African network of centers of
excellence for postgraduate training, research and outreach in mathematical sciences. Its mission is to enable Africa’s
brightest students to flourish as independent thinkers, problem solvers and innovators capable of propelling Africa’s
future scientific, educational and economic self-sufficiency.
The AIMS-NEI Global Secretariat provides leadership and oversight to six (06) Centers of Excellence across Africa
(South Africa, Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania and Rwanda), Next Einstein Forum, Teacher Training and
Quantum Leap.
AIMS has three different types of entities, which are different ways to manage documents:
– At the Center level, some staff members use google drive, Dropbox, custom share drive, while others use a
combination of the aforementioned cloud storage systems, and some use no system at all
– At the Secretariat level, most of the staff use Dropbox, however they face many challenges in finding
documents and there is a limitation on the number of accounts available.
– At the chapter level, most of the staff use Dropbox.
A large proportion of documents held by AIMS are stored, shared and maintained via the use of Dropbox.
In November 2016, AIMS contracted a consultant firm for a period of four (04) months to design and develop an
Enterprise Content/Document/Project Management solution using the O365 platform. This contract resulted in the
delivery of an O365 tenant setup with a SharePoint Online Multisite for Document Management, Project Online and
Azure Active Directory.
The AIMS is looking for an individual consultant to:
– Assist in the implementation of SharePoint Online for Document Management and projects, which includes
feature configuration, data migration and training
– Assist in design and implementation of an Intranet Portal (wireframe design, feature configuration, data
migration and training)
The assignment begins in January 24, 2018 with an initial duration of three months.

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