#AlumOfTheWeek – Mariam Bukola Olateju, an AIMS Ghana Alumna

What is your AIMS testimony as an alumnus/alumna? How easily will you recommend AIMS to another person, and what will be the basis of your recommendation? This week we share with you the experience of an AIMS Ghana alumna who learned about AIMS from an AIMS South African alumna. Mariam Bukola Olateju is our #AlumoftheWeek.

Bukola obtained her undergraduate degree in mathematics from Lagos State University before joining AIMS Ghana in 2019/20 for her master’s degree in Mathematical Sciences. She is currently an Executive Trainee at the Guaranty Trust Holding Company, Lagos, and has attained an offer to further her studies at Princeton University in the coming days.

She describes her experience at AIMS as an awesome one. One that allowed her to work with the best mathematician from different parts of the world. These included lectures, tutors, and colleague students. An experience that could never have been made possible should she have had her master’s training in a traditional university. In this video, Bukola compares her tutorship days to her tutors at AIMS and appreciates their work back then at AIMS. In her own words, she describes AIMS as

“a Rehabilitation Centre for young mathematicians. Once you get there, you get to see the beauty and relevance of maths in our society.”

After completing her AIMS master’s, Bukola served as a volunteer tutor at the Lagos State University, where she tutored MBA students in courses such as Business Mathematics and Operations Research. Realising these MBA students’ phobia of mathematics, she used real-life examples and daily encounters to demonstrate the application of mathematics in the courses she tutored, making them more enjoyable.

When not busily doing mathematics, Bukola shifts her attention to her second passion of being a Chef.

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