AIMS grows its influence in the African banking sector

As part of AIMS’ push to provide Africa’s private sector the talent and strategic expertise required to improve business systems and profits, AIMS invited the Bank of Africa to its AIMS Industry Initiative Network and Partnership Event (AIINPE) on 12th January 2018. Also in attendance was the Minister of Education of Rwanda, Honorable Dr. Eugene Mutimura, and the High Commissioner of Canada, H.E. Ms. Sara Hradecky. They both expressed their strong commitment and endorsement of AIMS programs.

The event provided the Bank of Africa insight into the different AIMS training programs including the Mathematical Sciences for Climate Change Resilience, which is co-funded by Global Affairs Canada and Canada’s International Development Research Centre. As well, this partner’s event introduced to participants the skills that AIMS graduates can bring to their respective industry.

The Pan-African nature of the Bank of Africa, one of Rwanda’s non-local financial service firms, fits well with the AIMS Pan-African outlook. The Bank of Africa Rwanda has agreed to partner with AIMS signing a five-year MOU to leverage AIMS research expertise in designing new solutions and services that improve their customer experience.

Bank of Africa Rwanda PLC is proud to partner with AIMS-NEI. We are committed to provide AIMS graduates with necessary tools and guidance where by their theoretical knowledge is put directly into practice.  As a multinational financial institution with its diverse personnel, Bank of Africa believes this hands-on experience will provide AIMS graduates complete preparedness to join the workforce here in Rwanda or elsewhere. We are very excited to partner with AIMS and support its innovative scientific training and ultimately contribute to build African human capital. BANK OF AFRICA, Managing Director,Mr. Abderrahmane BELBACHIR.

AIMS collaboration with the banking sector in Rwanda has had a meaningful impact on the sector, particularly in terms of new business opportunities. As an example, after initial discussions with Ecobank around internship opportunities in Big Data, computer security and financial mathematics for AIMS cooperative education students, the partnership evolved to a long-term collaboration that saw Ecobank rethink their hiring criteria (especially around years of experience) for critical positions where AIMS could add immediate and long-term value.

Another example is the on-going conversation with Insight to Impact. This organization partners with financial institutions to leverage the value of data sciences to address financial inclusion. Through the AIMS partnership with the Bank of Kigali, signed at the end of 2017, the Bank of Kigali can access data scientists from the AIMS graduates’ pool, facilitating a partnership between Insight to Impact and the Bank of Kigali. This collaboration has led to discussions for a direct partnership between Insight to Impact and AIMS.

AIMS through its AIMS Industry Initiative continues to seek partnerships within the African banking sector, and the wider private sector that leverages AIMS students and alumni research and skills to improve processes’ and systems and increase profit.