Director of AIMS Teacher Training Program – Rwanda

Dr. Herine Otieno-Menya is the current Director of AIMS Teacher Training Program (TTP)-Rwanda. As a Director of the program, Herine spearheads the shaping and implementing of the programs activities under four main pillars: Teacher training; resourcing of schools; public engagement; and evidence collection for policy dialogue. A Commonwealth scholar, Herine Otieno holds a PhD in Mathematics Education and Masters in Sociology, Policy and Planning and from Sheffield Hallam University (UK). Herine also holds a, Masters in Mathematical Statistics and BSc (mathematics major) from Kenyatta University (Kenya). Herine has a keen interest in contributing to improving the teaching, learning and assessment of STEM in African schools and institutions of higher learning.

As a result, she situates most of her research within the critical paradigm. Her research interest encompasses: Self-regulated learning; leaner’s relationship with STEM disciplines; education interventions; professional development of STEM teachers; and STEM teaching and learning in African institutions of higher learning.

Herine has presented her research in a number of conferences including British Education Researchers Association (BERA) and the African Conference for International Commission for Mathematics Education (AFRICME).