AIMS and Imperial College London sign partnership agreement to train future African science leaders

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) and the Imperial College London recently signed a partnership agreement to provide cutting edge training in technical and scientific fields to Africa’s brightest minds.

As part of the agreement, Imperial College London will provide teaching staff to an AIMS center each year for the duration of the partnership. In addition, the Imperial College London will support faculty recruitment efforts of AIMS graduates into its graduate programs, and a $10000 annual partnership fee.

The founder and chair of AIMS and Imperial alumnus, Professor Neil Turok, said: “Science originated in Africa and now it should return – it must come back to Africa. Africa is the continent of the century and the future. The fuel for science is young people and a lot of them are in Africa. Science allows us to understand the world, which enhances our appreciation but enables us to improve the world. And science is driven by youth and diversity. We want to bring the continent together through science and maths, using it as a bridge between countries.”

Thierry Zomahoun, President and CEO of AIMS said the partnership is key to providing bright young African scientists with an opportunity to acquire knowledge in line with the organization’s new strategic vision. AIMS plans, for the next five years (2020 – 2025), to empower the brightest young African scientists and innovators of today, to become creative entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow in their fields of endeavor.

“We want to ensure that the scientists coming out of AIMS are leaders. We must equip them with the leadership skills they need in addition to the scientific skills, so they are well-rounded scientists who can navigate through the complex library of transformation in Africa. said Zoumahoun.

“Our vision is to build a better Africa through innovative education, training, entrepreneurship, and research. Our mission is to empower the brightest young African scientists and innovators of today, to become creative entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow in their fields of endeavor. AIMS is the biggest pan-African network in mathematical sciences and Imperial has a track record in building links with industry so there is much we can learn from each other,” he added.

Over the past 17 years, AIMS has contributed massively to the advancement of mathematical sciences for human capital development in Africa. The interventions have been in advanced training at the post-graduate level, basic research, industry for educational outreach and high-level policy dialogue.

The partnership with Imperial will:
– enable new research collaborations to emerge between Imperial academics and leading African scientists
– help train and develop the next generation of scientists in Africa
– support Imperial academics to spend time working at AIMS Centres

Speaking at the launch of the partnership, Imperial’s Vice President Maggie Dallman said: “Imperial is thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of the AIMS vision. There are already several existing links between the College and AIMS centres and we hope that the partnership will enable us to strengthen these links and increase the number of equitable collaborations between Imperial academics and scientists across Africa.”

“Imperial is a global university with a wide spread of international engagement and impact. We recognize that to continue having as broad a benefit to society as possible, expanded collaboration with the Sub-Saharan Africa region is incredibly important.”

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