AIMS and Germany sign agreement for five new research chairs to strengthen mathematical sciences research in Africa

Accra, Ghana, 31 July 2019– Today the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of the Federal Republic of Germany (BMBF) sign an agreement for the support of five research chairs at AIMS centres in Rwanda, Ghana, Cameroon and a new AIMS centre to conduct world class mathematical research.

“The German Research Chair program at AIMS is one of the strategic initiatives aimed at attracting talented researchers who are able to establish research groups within the mathematical sciences and its applications at AIMS centres. It is geared at supporting excellent young scientists and enhancing research on the African continent,” said Thierry Zomahoun, President and CEO of the AIMS Global Network.

Since 2012, the BMBF has supported the setting up of five research chairs at AIMS centres in Senegal, Ghana, South Africa, and Cameroon including support to enhance local research collaborations and networking opportunities between AIMS and local higher education institutions. To date, the researcher chairs Prof. Mouhamed Moustafa Fall (AIMS Senegal), Dr. Olivier Menoukeu (AIMS Ghana), Dr Marc Sedjro, Dr. Boubacarr Bah (AIMS South Africa), Prof. Gisele Mophou (AIMS Cameroon), and Dr. Marc Sedjro (AIMS Tanzania) have taught and mentored 32 graduate and doctorate students in addition to publishing 34 research papers in leading international journals.

AIMS will facilitate the initiative through its Research Chair Program with the critical support from BMBF. This new phase, which will see two chairs at AIMS Rwanda, one and AIMS Ghana and AIMS Cameroon respectively and one chair a new centre AIMS will open, will be set up according to international standards and be linked to at least one local university, promoting integration and strengthening of the local research ecosystem.

“One important highlight of the German Research Chairs program occurred in August 2018, when the first chair, Moustapha Fall, gave an invited lecture at the International Congress of Mathematicians (Brazil), an exceptional honour for a young mathematician. Only a small percentage of mathematicians, and very few Africans, have ever been so honoured,” said Prof. Wilfred Ndifon, Director of Research at AIMS.

Funding from BMBF support will also cover networking activities to support doctoral students and collaborations between higher education institutions, via the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Press contact:

Nathalie Munyampenda

Director of Communications, AIMS

E: nmunyampenda@nexteinstein.org

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